Sonneb Services & Consultants Ltd


Lettings and Sales

We possess adequate knowledge and experience in the sale and identification of suitable tenants for your property/ premises. We have efficient processes to make sure that your property/ premises do not stay vacant for long periods. We maintain a large network of clients and adequate knowledge of potential tenants and buyers.
Sonneb Valuers & Consultants Limited is able to do and maintain the following; -
 Leasing Process
 Maximise on tenant retention.
 Tenant need analysis, growth planning, downscaling and relocations
 Strong relationship with all tenants.
We are able to meet the increasingly specific needs of purchasers and demands of professional assistance to facilitate a profitable sale or letting. To achieve the above we employ appropriate marketing techniques, accurate targeting and cost-efficient methods to achieve our goals.

Site/ Property Acquisition

Where the need for expansion or relocation arises so as to ensure future growth, a full property acquisition service is provided including: -
• Identifying suitable site locations for development
• Establishing the registered owners of the property from the ministry of Lands as well as the local authorities. Sonneb Valuers & Consultants Limited has the capacity to undertake title searches for any kind of property as well as obtain relevant legal documents from the Government.
• Negotiate with the owners of the property to achieve the best terms for our clients.
• Obtaining planning and legal permission from the relevant authorities.
• Preparing and or coordinating preparation of all necessary legal documents including the lease agreements.
Our site acquisition team will be able to advise our clients on suitable sites outlining any problem areas and recommending ways of sorting out the problems if any.


We offer property development services that include development advice, planning advice, and project management.